Wild Yeast Zoo

The Wild Yeast Zoo revolutionises brewing with unique, health-enhancing beverages crafted from Australian wild yeast, heralding a new era beyond traditional beer and kombucha. This venture taps into the untapped, leveraging yeast not just for flavour, but as a key to wider applications like biofuels, marrying ancient tradition with modern biotechnology. By capturing the essence of the Australian landscape in every sip, the Wild Yeast Zoo isn’t just changing how we drink; it’s aiming at global challenges, making each drink a step towards a more sustainable and innovative future. Beyond beverages, it’s a leap into solving pressing world issues, from energy to health.

To find out more, visit our website at www.wildyeastzoo.com/, or contact us at wyzards@wildyeastzoo.com.

Meet the team

Two men and one woman are standing together in front of a white background for a team photo, smiling at the camera.

Wild Yeast Zoo: Evan Gibbs, Claudia Holt, Ben Matthews, Georgia Weaver

Watch our presentation at the ON Accelerate 8 Showcase

Held in Melbourne on 5 June 2024. Our team was one of nine that shared their learnings to a crowd of investors, industry experts, ON Alumni and ecosystem supporters. Below is a recording of our presentation.