One woman and three men are standing together in front of a white background for a team photo, smiling at the camera.

Cytophenix is revolutionizing the fight against life-threatening infections with their rapid antimicrobial susceptibility tests.

REFLEX is a digital learning management system designed to support metropolitan and rurally based tertiary medical education providers by housing […]

Quantum technologies provide an opportunity for Australian industries to increase operational optimisation and efficiencies by orders of magnitude. QUOCA can […]

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology has the potential to revolutionize dental treatments by making them cheaper, faster and more effective.

Our project is focused on developing a new type of microwave device that has unique and never-before-seen properties.

Spritz-OM is a low-cost nasal vaccine to prevent ear infections. Spritz-OM targets the major pathogen that is responsible for over 50% of the 700 million annual ear infections worldwide.

RADS (Remote Automated Dental Screening) is a simple mobile application that automates the dental screening process, providing a cheap, easy 24/7 service.

Finding mineral deposits that are buried beneath the earth’s surface is challenging, due to the large search space and the high cost of conventional exploration techniques. An alternative approach is to use computer simulations of geological processes to identify areas where mineral deposits are likely to occur.

Hearing loss is one of the most common disabilities affecting over 466 million people and is expected to rise to over 1 billion people globally by 2060.