#The University of Newcastle

Two men and one woman are standing together in front of a white background for a team photo, smiling at the camera.

The Wild Yeast Zoo revolutionises brewing with unique, health-enhancing beverages crafted from Australian wild yeast, heralding a new era beyond traditional beer and kombucha. Seeking: Funding to help drive expansion

Best Start FM is to provide an engaging and time efficient assessment of children's foundational movements through a tangible playground resource that can efficiently be used by classroom teachers.

Brewing sour beer using native wild yeast has inspired a vibrant and growing culture and market. The team are creating a ‘zoo’ of these yeasts and their stories.

Squid is a system for creating, deploying and managing quizzes and exams, both online and on paper. Questions are drawn from randomised question pools and each student gets a unique assessment, thereby decreasing the scope for cheating.

High-accuracy gas flowmeters are currently used on the gas pipeline for ensuring fair trading between producers, operators and consumers.

Source code similarity is a well-studied area and is applied across many application domains, including (Academic) Source Code Plagiarism Detection, Code Clone Detection, and Software Theft Detection. The DePlag team has developed some innovative approaches.

Backyard Detectives is an innovative and community-based ‘science project’ crowdsourcing information to contribute to the environmental challenge of coal dust in the atmosphere and the harmful effects it can have.

What if we could eliminate preventative infertility on a global scale? In fact, did you know that 1 in 6 everyday couples will experience infertility?

We are a team of clinical psychologists and researchers in the field of eating behaviours.