Prime 12

ON Prime 12 teams commenced in the program in October 2022 and concluded it in early 2023.

Brewing sour beer using native wild yeast has inspired a vibrant and growing culture and market. The team are creating a ‘zoo’ of these yeasts and their stories.

The USyd Team Immunotherapeutics project will develop novel bispecific immunetherapeutics for different kinds of cancers.

Increasing the speed at which satellites can transfer data to other satellites and/or the ground using Terahertz frequency communications technology.

RADS (Remote Automated Dental Screening) is a simple mobile application that automates the dental screening process, providing a cheap, easy 24/7 service.

Squid is a system for creating, deploying and managing quizzes and exams, both online and on paper. Questions are drawn from randomised question pools and each student gets a unique assessment, thereby decreasing the scope for cheating.

This project will use a method of collecting images of the crop farm using a lightweight drone and detecting weeds from the images using image processing techniques, as drone-based image processing has been proven efficient for weed detection.

Electrochemistry is a potent sensing technique. A glucose meter for example measures glucose levels in blood in seconds. But if we want to measure multiple analytes, we need as many electrodes and connecting wires.

The 'Pumped to do hydro' technology is a framework to allow government and private parties interested in pumped hydro to easily measure project time, quality and cost.

We developed a strategy to protect the microbiota (e.g., human gut) from antimicrobial resistance (AMR) invasion.

Molecular events that lead to dementia begin decades before symptoms are obvious. In order for dementia researchers to develop preventions and therapies for dementia, they need to decode the early events that lead to this debilitating condition.