Accelerate 7

The On Accelerate 7 cohort commenced their program in November 2022 at Bootcamp. The top 9 teams were selected through a competitive process to progress through to Immersion Week in February 2023. Intensive, facilitated learning was conducted both in-person and online over the following three months. The program culminated with a Showcase event in May 2023, where the teams shared their learnings and pitches to an audience of investors, industry experts, ON Alumni and ecosystem supporters.

Watch the recording of the ON Accelerate 7 Showcase

Held on 18 May 2023 at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. Guest speakers included Dr Larry Marshall as Chief Executive and Tennille Eyre as Executive Manager, Innovation Programs.

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Find out more about the teams

Green Shield offers a class of materials that are highly adaptive and provide unique solutions for radio frequency shielding or signature management, also known as object camouflage.

WhalePOD is a technology to enable a new age of industrialisation where environmental conservation and scientific contribution is an outcome of business, not a burden.

The WEHI Application Development 'CELLWorks' venture will help to lower the cost, increase the efficiency, and improve the ethical treatment, of using animal models in research environments.

CSIRO’s FytoBio team has developed a process technology for the super-efficient and scalable production of specialised performance proteins in food-appropriate quality, quantity and cost.

Spritz-OM is a low-cost nasal vaccine to prevent ear infections. Spritz-OM targets the major pathogen that is responsible for over 50% of the 700 million annual ear infections worldwide.

CSIRO's Evolve Food team has developed patented technology that can reduce the sugar content of fruit and vegetable based products by up to 70%.

Rainstick is a northern Queensland startup combining indigenous knowledge systems and modern electrokinetics to encourage fungi and plants’ natural systems to grow faster and increase yield.

DHI-AI is a decision intelligence company, leveraging multi-model artificial intelligence techniques to drive positive change in the world. 

CSIRO Data61's Cognitag empowers visionaries to create the next generation of smart, fast, and secure IoT solutions for the world’s future industries.