This project aims to develop an integrated and intelligent decision support system to equip decision-makers with effective methods and tools […]

We propose a fast, green technology for creating colour images directly on metals and other materials using lasers. The unique […]

Our manufacturing platform produces natural therapeutic delivery vehicles that addresses current challenges in the drug delivery space. Utilising the body’s […]

Sea ice prediction is crucial for climate research, conservation, policymaking, and industries. It helps understand climate change, protect polar ecosystems, […]

CoffeeKii is an exciting and highly sustainable, green plastic alternative made from the coffee beans you throw in the bin.

WhalePOD is a technology to enable a new age of industrialisation where environmental conservation and scientific contribution is an outcome of business, not a burden.

CSIRO’s FytoBio team has developed a process technology for the super-efficient and scalable production of specialised performance proteins in food-appropriate quality, quantity and cost.

mRNA is emerging as a powerful new tool of therapy and biotechnology across a wide range of sectors.