A team photo featuring 1 man and 2 women standing against a white background smiling at the camera, with the two extra floating headshots to the side of a man and a woman.

Dragonfly Thinking is pioneering a new frontier in Think Tech — harnessing generative AI to apply novel structured analytic techniques to complex policy and business problems.

Three women and two men are standing together in front of a white background for a team photo, smiling at the camera.

ErythroSight is developing novel therapeutics to treat retinal diseases using the patient's own red blood cells and has shown strong preclinical results in reducing the severity of currently incurable diseases such as age-related macular degeneration. 

This project aims to develop an integrated and intelligent decision support system to equip decision-makers with effective methods and tools […]

We propose a fast, green technology for creating colour images directly on metals and other materials using lasers. The unique […]

Our manufacturing platform produces natural therapeutic delivery vehicles that addresses current challenges in the drug delivery space. Utilising the body’s […]

Sea ice prediction is crucial for climate research, conservation, policymaking, and industries. It helps understand climate change, protect polar ecosystems, […]

CoffeeKii is an exciting and highly sustainable, green plastic alternative made from the coffee beans you throw in the bin.

WhalePOD is a technology to enable a new age of industrialisation where environmental conservation and scientific contribution is an outcome of business, not a burden.

CSIRO’s FytoBio team has developed a process technology for the super-efficient and scalable production of specialised performance proteins in food-appropriate quality, quantity and cost.

mRNA is emerging as a powerful new tool of therapy and biotechnology across a wide range of sectors.