Our PV-electrolysis technology will revolutionise H2O2 generation, offering an environmentally friendly, safe, and sustainable approach. Our objective is to establish […]

BiomeMega is an innovative ProbioTech company, creating a bacterial platform to obtain functional ingredients with Australian provenance. Our value proposition […]

water droplets on glass

A fully efficient recycling of waste waters in space operations is paramount to space endeavours beyond the earth's orbit. The […]

Lignik is world's first 100% renewable and recyclable biosynthetic wood. It is an Australian innovation that meets the challenges of […]

Magnetic shape memory alloys (MSMAs) can change their shape rapidly when close to a permanent or an electro-magnet, or perhaps […]

Interactive data board

SE Queensland’s airspace is vital habitat for a variety of species. These species are reliant on the airspace for nesting, […]

Unique peptides and proteins, both natural and designed, are essential for life with applications in medicine, agriculture, and industrial processes. […]

Data Intelligence, Search & Analysis (DISA) is a mission orchestrator. Its main strengths are: Modelling of systems Simulation and testing […]

Our extremely sensitive radiotelescopes and technical expertise offer the opportunity to support niche applications and track transmitting objects more precisely than most other systems. Our project explores the possibilities and potential further applications available in the market.

water droplets on glass

Our technology offers a powerful solution to the problem of poor water quality and safety by preventing the spread of water-borne pathogens.