water droplets on glass

Co-combustion of hydrogen and diesel has the potential to reduce diesel emissions significantly. Our aim is to reduce GHG and […]

Quantum technologies provide an opportunity for Australian industries to increase operational optimisation and efficiencies by orders of magnitude. QUOCA can […]

Our direct air capture (DAC) unit will have novel methods that reduce capture costs, offering the first commercially viable engineered […]

water droplets on glass

A fully efficient recycling of waste waters in space operations is paramount to space endeavours beyond the earth’s orbit. The […]

Businesses both large and small are increasingly facing significant challenges when trying to fully extract value from enormous datasets or […]

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SE Queensland’s airspace is vital habitat for a variety of species. These species are reliant on the airspace for nesting, […]

About 10 out of every 100,000 people travelling on highways in regional Australia do not return their homes due to […]

The cement industry is responsible for 7-8% of global CO2 emissions, which requires an innovative solution to cut down the […]

This project aims to develop an integrated and intelligent decision support system to equip decision-makers with effective methods and tools […]

This project is the design and deployment of an Internet of Drones (IoD) system to monitor security threats to cattle […]