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SE Queensland’s airspace is vital habitat for a variety of species. These species are reliant on the airspace for nesting, […]

Unique peptides and proteins, both natural and designed, are essential for life with applications in medicine, agriculture, and industrial processes. […]

Intensive use of antibiotics over the last 70 years has resulted in widespread antibiotic resistance in microorganisms. The most efficient […]

Australian industry’s collaboration with higher education and research institutions ranked the lowest of 27 countries in the OECD, both for […]

Field surveys have long been used to identify and count species – a fundamental requirement in managing natural resources and […]

The development of our integrated patient screening system will allow endometriosis patients to receive personalised treatments based on their own […]

The Australian turfgrass industry relies on US-bred varieties, lacking resilience for local conditions. Limited collaboration between scientists and commercial industries […]

This tool will provide valuable insights to stakeholders to pre-emptively guide more targeted and effective investment to support mental health in communities impacted by natural disasters.

Imagine the benefits for Australian farmers to select genetically superior animals. This project aims to implement a rapid, on-farm DNA sequencing process in northern Australia's beef industry.

The Learning Lab is a professional learning and research collaboration that seeks evidence-informed, sustainable solutions to a partner-identified learning or training need whilst building partner knowledge and capabilities.