#The University of Sydney

BiomeMega is an innovative ProbioTech company, creating a bacterial platform to obtain functional ingredients with Australian provenance. Our value proposition […]

Archaeology is the present probing the past to inform the future. We are Digital Archaeologists. We investigate above and below […]

We use a cost effective method to produce a digitally automated ecosystem wherein any plant or fungi can survive by […]

DISSOLUXION aims to offer a technology that can substantially reduce the time it takes to assess the quality, deposition, and […]

Our project aims to deploy a highly specialized, bespoke device that can seamlessly and accurately measure local environmental conditions (Environmental Measurement Units or EMU's) at multiple locations on-site to model the level of heat stress at a given location.

GreenCoat is a next-generation plasma-coating smart window solution that changes the opacity of windows in response to real-time environmental conditions to maximise the energy efficiency of buildings.

Team S3 is tackling the challenge of designing a tool to optimise total knee arthroplasty (TKA) procedure and reduce post procedural pain.

The USyd Team Immunotherapeutics project will develop novel bispecific immunetherapeutics for different kinds of cancers.

We developed a strategy to protect the microbiota (e.g., human gut) from antimicrobial resistance (AMR) invasion.

Our idea is to make the early detection of neurological disorders possible through a blood test.