Prime 13

ON Prime 13 teams commenced in the program in April 2023 and concluded it in June 2023.

We are evaluating the use of an immunomodulatory vaccine developed using a novel and safe vaccine platform technology, to re-write the immune response to peanut antigens, from an allergic to a tolerant phenotype, with an emphasis on safety and induction of persistent state of non-reactivity to peanut.

Our project aims to deploy a highly specialized, bespoke device that can seamlessly and accurately measure local environmental conditions (Environmental Measurement Units or EMU's) at multiple locations on-site to model the level of heat stress at a given location.

Our safe, IP protected, platform technology reduces anti-nutritional compounds in grains for the animal feed and human food markets.

This project will enhance the capability of conventional laser frequency stabilisation, making it much more tenable than previously possible.

A more accurate, cheaper, lightweight, handheld digital height measurement device for health care workers from low-and-middle-income countries to screen for childhood stunting and undernutrition without having to lug heavy equipment around difficult terrain.

Our extremely sensitive radiotelescopes and technical expertise offer the opportunity to support niche applications and track transmitting objects more precisely than most other systems. Our project explores the possibilities and potential further applications available in the market.

In this project, we propose a combinatorial approach that addresses the main technological issues at hand, providing a solution to advance Australia's advanced recycling capabilities.

water droplets on glass

Our technology offers a powerful solution to the problem of poor water quality and safety by preventing the spread of water-borne pathogens.

This project aims to embed the risk assesmment-based approach to Agile project management framework to enable a responsible agile process.

The QTrialBank analytics project is a cloud-based recruitment analytics platform integrating data from a volunteer cohort to help clinicians and trial recruiters navigate hurdles of identifying the correct participant for their trial programmes.