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One out of five children are out of school globally and there are 258 million Out-of-School Children (OOSC) worldwide. UNESCO’s […]

Renewable plants, such as solar and wind farms, have power generation that is uncertain and highly dependent on weather conditions. […]

It is important that people with brain injury and stroke engage in rehabilitation activities outside of their clinical appointments to […]

Data Intelligence, Search & Analysis (DISA) is a mission orchestrator. Its main strengths are: Modelling of systems Simulation and testing […]

sBeacon is the only search engine allowing clinicians to query patients' genomes alongside medical data, facilitating bedside medical insights and […]

We are evaluating the use of an immunomodulatory vaccine developed using a novel and safe vaccine platform technology, to re-write the immune response to peanut antigens, from an allergic to a tolerant phenotype, with an emphasis on safety and induction of persistent state of non-reactivity to peanut.

Our safe, IP protected, platform technology reduces anti-nutritional compounds in grains for the animal feed and human food markets.

As a team in fire engineering, we focus on providing consulting, training and future collaboration to our customers, so that appropriate measures to mitigate the damage from fire are implemented and potential risks of life losses and property damage can be minimised.

FarmVoice aims to close the gap between the mountains of agricultural data that has been created and the interpretation of that data to help increase agricultural productivity.