#Defence capability

A team photo featuring two men and three women standing against a white background smiling at the camera.

Dragonfly Thinking is pioneering a new frontier in Think Tech — harnessing generative AI to apply novel structured analytic techniques to complex policy and business problems.

Three men are standing together in front of a white background for a team photo, smiling at the camera.

At EMU Systems we have developed standalone devices that accurately monitor the key aspects of the local environment that determine health and productivity

Quantum technologies provide an opportunity for Australian industries to increase operational optimisation and efficiencies by orders of magnitude. QUOCA can […]

This project will deliver a reliable, inexpensive and portable explosive screening technology that will not require any analytical skills to […]

Lignik is world's first 100% renewable and recyclable biosynthetic wood. It is an Australian innovation that meets the challenges of […]

Magnetic shape memory alloys (MSMAs) can change their shape rapidly when close to a permanent or an electro-magnet, or perhaps […]

Data Intelligence, Search & Analysis (DISA) is a mission orchestrator. Its main strengths are: Modelling of systems Simulation and testing […]

This project aims to develop an integrated and intelligent decision support system to equip decision-makers with effective methods and tools […]

We propose a fast, green technology for creating colour images directly on metals and other materials using lasers. The unique […]

Australian industry's collaboration with higher education and research institutions ranked the lowest of 27 countries in the OECD, both for […]