Together with industry stakeholders we aim to address challenges and opportunities to normalise the continuous improvement of the welfare and […]

Our unique quality training tool can help farm owners and mangers to streamline and quantify the employee quality performance improvement […]

Sea ice prediction is crucial for climate research, conservation, policymaking, and industries. It helps understand climate change, protect polar ecosystems, […]

We use a cost effective method to produce a digitally automated ecosystem wherein any plant or fungi can survive by […]

Our project aims to deploy a highly specialized, bespoke device that can seamlessly and accurately measure local environmental conditions (Environmental Measurement Units or EMU's) at multiple locations on-site to model the level of heat stress at a given location.

Our safe, IP protected, platform technology reduces anti-nutritional compounds in grains for the animal feed and human food markets.

water droplets on glass

Our technology offers a powerful solution to the problem of poor water quality and safety by preventing the spread of water-borne pathogens.

CoffeeKii is an exciting and highly sustainable, green plastic alternative made from the coffee beans you throw in the bin.

This project explores the use of new genetic tools targeting the parasite breeding cycle to rapidly change parasite populations.

This project provides a solution to support activities in remote or complex environments where network connection is poor or none existent, for example, logging, mining, and bushfire fighting.