Infinite Bioworks

Infinite Bioworks pioneers the frontier of “building with biology,” leveraging cutting-edge manufacturing methods to create eco-friendly products with a positive impact on our planet. Focusing on premium markets such as luxury fashion, cosmetics, and gourmet foods, we cultivate real leather, exquisite cosmetics, and delectable seafood directly from animal cells.

Our competitive edge lies in our proprietary starter cells, empowering our partners to craft the future’s luxury essentials. By harnessing these advanced cells, we deliver clean supply chains, unmatched performance, and the essence of tomorrow’s ingredients and materials.

At Infinite Bioworks, we redefine sustainability, luxury and innovation.

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Meet the team

Three men are standing together in front of a white background for a team photo, smiling at the camera.

Infinite Bioworks: Lionel Hebbard, Luke Deacon, Craig McFarlane

Watch our presentation at the ON Accelerate 8 Showcase

Held in Melbourne on 5 June 2024. Our team was one of nine that shared their learnings to a crowd of investors, industry experts, ON Alumni and ecosystem supporters. Below is a recording of our presentation.