The Bio-Transformers embarked on our journey to test the viability of our research in real-world conditions. Initially, we aimed to develop a comprehensive waste management solution by converting waste into polymers. However, during our immersion, we realized that focusing on a single market would yield better results. We first considered polyurethane foams but, after customer interviews, identified a stronger demand for addressing pain points related to single-use plastics in packaging while overcoming the issues in current biodegradable packaging. Consequently, we targeted food packaging for organic stores as our starting point, aligning our efforts with the most pressing customer needs.

Two men and three women are standing in front of a white background and smiling at the camera.

Bio-Transformers – Rasangika Weligama Thuppahige, Sewwandi Jaburegoda Pathiranage, Gevindu Widanagamage, Kyle James, Nadeesha Lakmini Loku Mannage

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