You may not know that data analysts spend 90% of their time finding data to inform decision making. So far, we have conducted 100+ interviews across industries to position ourselves to help solve this problem. 150 M annually is the projected savings using our VoxelNET solution for one mining operation’s gold refinement. We recently discovered existing solutions in some industries, however there is a lack of awareness of the technology available to be adopted. Our current pivot is to investigate our ecosystem sectors in deep mining and space where our solution is advantageous compared to other current solutions. 

Three women and two men are standing in front of a white background smiling at the camera.

VoxelNet – Romana Dew, Shane Rypers, Alicia Keizer, Michaele Munro, Andrew Cook

If you wish to learn more about the team or to get in touch, please reach out to Michaele Munro at michaele.munro@csiro.au.