ErythroSight is developing novel therapeutics to treat retinal diseases using the patient’s own red blood cells and has shown strong preclinical results in reducing the severity of currently incurable diseases such as age-related macular degeneration. 

ErythroSight is comprised of a team of researchers Dr Yvette Wooff, Assoc. Prof Riccardo Natoli, Dr Adrian Cioanca, and Rakshanya Sekar, and is supported by commercialisation manager Dr Riya Palchaudhuri, at the Australian National University.

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Meet the team

Three women and two men are standing together in front of a white background for a team photo, smiling at the camera.

ErythroSight: Yvette Wooff, Riccardo Natoli, Adrian Cioanca, Rakshanya Sekar, Dr Riya Palchaudhuri

Watch our presentation at the ON Accelerate 8 Showcase

Held in Melbourne on 5 June 2024. Our team was one of nine that shared their learnings to a crowd of investors, industry experts, ON Alumni and ecosystem supporters. Below is a recording of our presentation.