Shouvojit Sarker

Senior Software Engineer building the Geophysical Processing Toolkit

I am a Software Engineer by training and a functional programming enthusiast. My programming career started by playing around with Perl and vanilla JavaScript on a catalyst-based web app that facilitated telehealth appointments. At the same time, I was also involved with data analysis, writing domain-specific Python scripts and models to provide further insight into datasets to (try to) make predictions. This opportunity started out as a Student Vacation Scholar position, after which I became a casual Software Developer with CSIRO’s Data61. Through my work with Data61, I was introduced to functional style Python and later to Typescript.

It was while working for a Software Engineering firm that I had the opportunity to use JavaScript variants, namely ReactJs, and took a deep dive into Typescript. During this time, I was introduced to Software Engineering and Project Management best practices and gained insight into processes and architectural design.

Currently, I am working with CSIRO’s Deep Earth Imaging Future Science Platform building the Geophysical Processing Toolkit, a cloud-based toolkit that has been developed to help the inversion and interpretation of geophysical survey data.

Technical skills

  • Development and maintenance of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms
  • Cloud computing and service offerings
  • Building intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible interfaces
  • Architecting distributed solutions
  • Constructing and optimising data pipelines, workflows, and management infrastructure

Professional experience

June 2021 – Present
Senior Software Engineer, CSIRO Mineral Resources, Kensington, WA

November 2019 – May 2021
Software Developer, Agile Digital, Canberra, ACT

December 2017 – November 2019
Systems Programmer, GP2U Telehealth, Hobart, Tasmania


Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology 
University of Tasmania (2019)

Selected publications

Lochner M., Duenser A., Sarker S. (2019) Trust and Cognitive Load in semi-automated UAV operation. OZCHI’19: 31ST AUSTRALIAN CONFERENCE ON HUMAN-COMPUTER-INTERACTION.

Chung H., Long S., Han S. C., Sarker S., Ellis L. and Kang B.H. (2018). A comparative study of online and face-to-face embedded systems learning course. ACE ’18 Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Computing Education Conference. Pages 63-72.

Sarker, Shouvojit (2022), Choosing a cloud database solution for managing AEM survey datasets, Preview 2022.216. Pages 38-40.