Mrinal Sinha

Postdoctoral Fellow in Fibre-Based Distributed Sensing

My research primarily focuses on developing novel seismic imaging and seismic interferometry methods. I specialize in inverting for subsurface properties using gradient-based seismic inversion methods like FWI (Full Waveform Inversion) and LSM (Least-Squares Migration). I have also developed seismic imaging methods for monitoring changes in the Earth’s subsurface.

During my career as a research geophysicist in industry, I have worked on several interesting projects including the development of computationally cheaper to solve pseudo-elastic wave-equations, the incorporation of machine learning to estimate FWI starting models, and the development of data-processing workflows to mitigate elastic effects in acoustic FWI. Within the Deep Earth Imaging FSP, I am working on monitoring the Earth’s subsurface using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and other fibre-based measurements.

Technical skills

  • Specialized in seismic imaging and familiar with optimization methods
  • Developing machine learning applications for seismic imaging and processing
  • HPC skills: Hybrid parallel programming (MPI + OpenMP), Dask for Python

Professional experience

January 2022 – Present
Postdoctoral Fellow: CSIRO Deep Earth Imaging Future Science Platform

December 2019 – August 2021
Research Geophysicist, DUG Technology, Perth, Australia

May 2018 – November 2019
Geophysical Researcher, CGG UK, Crawley, UK


Ph.D Geophysics
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudia Arabia (2018)

Integrated MTech Geophysical Technology
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India (2012)

Selected publications

Sinha M. and Schuster G. T. (2018), “Interferometric full-waveform inversion”, Geophysics 2019, 84(1), R45-R60.

Sinha M. and Schuster G. T. (2018), “Seismic time‐lapse imaging using interferometric least‐squares migration: Case study”, Geophysical Prospecting, 66, 1457-1474.

Sinha M. and Schuster G. T. (2016),”Mitigation of defocusing by statics and near-surface velocity errors by interferometric least-squares migration with a reference datum”, Geophysics, 81(4), S195-S206.