CSIRO’s Deep Earth Imaging Future Science Platform will address high-risk, high-reward research challenges in discovering and managing our minerals, energy and water resources by developing new and powerful subsurface imaging techniques. Our methods will be founded on advanced data analytics and inversion strategies that will provide improved subsurface understanding from sparse, incomplete, and noisy data, using quantitative approaches that recognise the inherent uncertainties in geoscience data.

In energy exploration, Deep Earth Imaging will focus on development of techniques for joint modelling of passive seismic and magnetotelluric data, interface imaging from potential field data, and full waveform inversion augmented by rock physics knowledge. If successful, these improved imaging techniques should allow quantification of model uncertainty, which should in turn lead to better-informed exploration decisions.

In minerals exploration, the focus of Deep Earth Imaging is the development of geophysical and analytical tools to underpin probabilistic area selection. This work will build upon simulation of mineral systems, improved imaging of interfaces, and exploration of methods to infer process from geophysical expressions.

In contrast with energy and mineral resources, new water resources need not only be discovered, they require management so that current or planned use does not compromise future economic, social and environmental use. Deep Earth Imaging will develop quantitative methods to explore and manage sustainable groundwater use.

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