The Sea Level, Waves & Coastal Extremes team is part of CSIRO’s Climate Science Centre.

We love the coast. Coastal regions, particularly some low-lying river deltas, have very high population densities. In excess of 150 million people live within 1 metre of high tide level, and 250 million within 5 metres of high tide. Billions of dollars are invested in coastal infrastructure immediately adjacent to the coast. It is therefore of paramount importance to understand how the coast is changing.

This site contains information about our key areas of research – sea level change, waves, coastal extremes, and ocean energy.┬áData about sea levels including occasionally updated plots is available in the measurements and data section. We also include our estimates of global and regional sea level, links to other webpages and data sets, as well as a list of our publications. Wave data can be found through wave data access and energy data in data portals. The Australian Wave Energy Atlas project is now available online. We also have a citizen science project┬áto digitise long-term tide gauge data, which will assist in studying sea level trends along the Australia coast.