The Coordinated Ocean Wave CLImate Project (COWCLIP)

The Coordinated Ocean Wave Climate Project (COWCLIP) is an international collaborative research project, being a component of the work-plan for the JCOMM Expert Team on Waves and Coastal Hazards.

The aims of COWCLIP are to raise the profile of wind-waves as a variable in the global climate system – both to foster and support determination of:

  • the effects of climate variability and change on the wave climate, and
  • the feedback influences of waves on the coupled ocean-atmosphere climate system.

The COWCLIP website contains further information about the project.

CSIRO co-chair COWCLIP, and contribute several datasets to support community assessments of historical and projected future change in wave climate at regional and global scales.

CSIRO are one of several organisations interested in resolving the contribution of surface ocean waves in the coupled ocean-atmosphere climate system. Waves modulate fluxes of momentum, heat, mass, salt and turbulent kinetic energy across the air-sea interface. Developments to parameterise wave processes into the ACCESS GCM continue, with the objectives to improve physical representation of air-sea interactions in the model, and recognise waves as an essential climate variable by which to diagnose the climate system.