“This research outlines a solution to a pressing issue impacting the Australian economy: the significant economic losses due to late detection of pest infestations in agriculture. This approach utilizes cutting-edge AI and imaging technologies to identify pests early, accurately determining the type of pest and appropriate control measures. This technology not only saves time, money, and labour but also significantly increases farmers’ profits by mitigating damage before it becomes extensive.
From our experience in the CSIRO ON Prime program, we’ve learned the invaluable role of connections and conversations in enhancing research goals. Engaging with diverse stakeholders and experts has refined this idea, ensuring this technology is both innovative and closely aligned with the real-world needs of the agricultural sector.”

One man and one woman are standing in front of a white background smiling at the camera.

FlyTech: Fatema Akhter and Himadri Shekhar (and Md Zakir Hossain)

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