Practical Handbook of Earth Science

Practical Handbook of Earth Science

Jane H Hodgkinson and Frank D Stacey

CRC Press, 400 pp. August 2017

Practical handbook of Earth Science provides a compact source of key Earth science information and data, sorted by subject matter, and cross-referenced. The handbook is designed for both experts and non-experts alike. It includes tables of the global distributions of fossil fuels, contrasted by tables of the distribution of non-fossil energy sources; it presents rates of energy transfer in natural processes such as solar radiation, tides, river flow, and wind in the same units as human energy and fuel use to allow immediate comparisons. Concise explanations cover the subject matters of geology, geophysics, oceans, atmosphere with attention to environmental implications and resources.



The Earth as a Cradle for Life: the Origin, Evolution and Future of the Environment

Frank D Stacey and Jane H Hodgkinson

World Scientific, 308pp. July 2013

The Earth as a Cradle for Life aims to fill the gap between readers who have a strong and informed scientific interest in the environment (but no access to the journal literature), and their desire for a basic understanding of the environment. It provides a comprehensive account, and requires no advanced mathematical skills. It will also satisfy a need for a textbook on fundamental science for students in tertiary environmental science courses that may otherwise neglect the underlying basis of their subject. The book takes a step back from common perceptions of the environment, and presents a new fundamental perspective. It draws attention to observations that have been neglected or discounted for reasons the authors found invalid, and which allow a more coherent account of the environment than is possible without them.


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