Seismic and borehole geophysical logging


The aim of our geophysical research is to improve our scientific understanding on how geophysical measurements can be used to improve our ability to delineate orebodies, understand the geotechnical characteristics of host rocks, improve mine design, reduce mining hazards, and increase mine production and profitability. This involves seismic methods, borehole logging, geo-radar, radio frequency electromagnetics and electrical resistivity imaging:

  • 2D/3D seismic data processing, analysis and interpretation for coal seam structure delineation and roof characterization
    • Interpretation of small scale geological features from reflection seismic data
    • Seismic data depth conversion for mine integration and planning
    • Reprocessing seismic data
    • Seismic inversion for geotechnical evaluation
    • Imaging coal seam structure under basalt cover
    • Evaluation of seismic success through back data analysis


  • Borehole logging data analysis for geotechnical characterization for both open cut and longwall coal mining
    • Automated geophysical logging data interpretation
    • Automated geotechnical characterization from geophysical logs in Australia and India
    • Geophysical strata rating
    • Borehole logging data quality control
    • Estimation of coal quality parameters from multiple geophysical logs
  • Tomographic imaging for ore-body, faults, igneous intrusion and longwall caving characterization using seismic, borehole radar and radio frequency electromagnetic (EM) waves
  • Coal seam top prediction through imaging-while-drilling (IWD) which includes Seismic-While-Drilling and guided borehole radar wave imaging
  • Borehole radar imaging processing and analysis for ore-body delineation and structural interpretation


Diffraction enhanced seismic data for identification of small geological structures 

Numerical modelling and synthetic analysis of borehole radar potential for coal top detection 


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