The team’s role within CSIRO

The Mining Geoscience Team contributes towards improving safety and productivity in the mining industry by:

  • Improving the reliability of interpretation of surface and subsurface monitoring of open cut and underground mines
  • Improving the reliability of the geological modelling process for exploration, design and operation of mines
  • Developing a methodology for optimal integration of monitoring and geomechanics modelling for improving the reliability of interpretation for mine operations

The team’s R&D includes:

  • Investigation of new ways to maximise the benefits of geoscience data and develop more accurate geological models in term of ore boundaries, structure locations and their properties, and rock mass/geotechnical properties
  • Improving the efficiency and accuracy of existing non-contact surface sensing and borehole sensing technologies for acquisition of structural and geological data from coal mines which will provide more cost effective means of geotechnical assessment and modelling
  • Developing novel micro-seismic monitoring and interpretation technologies for application in underground and open cut coal and metalliferous environments
  • Extracting greater value for mining engineers and consultants from data acquired using surface and borehole sensing technologies by developing analysis techniques and algorithms that can utilise data acquired from structural mappings and geophysics for improved slope stability and blast design analyses
  • Developing new software and hardware technologies to support the mine automation research being undertaken in CSIRO and elsewhere that will provide mining companies with increased productivity
  • Improving the productivity of coal logistic operations through continued support of the CSIRO Coal Logistics Team’s research into  stockpile monitoring, ship loading and coal characterisation.


The team has a proven track record and is a leading provider of software and hardware to mining professionals such as geologists, geotechnical and blast engineers and surveyors. We pioneered the use of photogrammetric systems for rockmass characterisation and slope stability assessment, geophysical logging and microseismic monitoring for the Australian mining industry.  Our success has led to long term and ongoing commercial partnerships with leading technology providers.

The work is underpinned by many years of experience with both 2D and 3D imaging systems, geophysical sensing and imaging technologies. We have successfully patented and commercialised innovative 3D sensor systems. We also provide consulting services and design studies for large scale imaging system deployments.

We can provide cost effective solutions to mine site characterisation challenges by leveraging our substantial background IP developed over the past two decades years.

For additional information please contact:

Dr. Jane Hodgkinson
Team Leader, Mining Geoscience
phone: +61 7 33274118