NovaSAR-1 National Facility Data Policies

NovaSAR-1 Data Products

All NovaSAR-1 image data products will be released publicly through the NovaSAR-1 National Facility Data Hub without any proprietary period.

Authentication for NovaSAR-1 Data Access

Users must be registered with the NovaSAR-1 National Facility Data Hub to search and download NovaSAR-1 data files to ensure the facility is compliant with sanctions. By registering with the Datahub, users agree to the NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub Terms and Conditions and the End User Licence Agreement. Searches and downloads are monitored for reporting and compliance purposes.

Replacing lost NovaSAR-1 images

Whilst the CCEO will do everything we can to ensure that all required images are acquired for successful proposals. However, there are a number of circumstances outside our control that may prevent this such as:

  • temporary satellite failure
  • image-processing failure
  • satellite unavailability due to firings
  • higher priority requests from another mission partner

The CCEO also reserve the right to use Australia’s NovaSAR-1 capacity share for high-priority applications, such as for natural disasters, when deemed necessary.

The CCEO will endeavour to avoid clashes between planned observations and emergency or opportunistic image requests. The CCEO accepts no responsibility for any consequences arising from images that are not collected or delivered.

However, if planned acquisitions are displaced under any of the above circumstances, a reasonable attempt will be made to replace the acquisitions lost.

The following guidelines apply:

  • where there are extra imaging opportunities within the specified timeframe i.e month, these will be tasked if the capacity allows
  • if no opportunities remain in the specified timeframe we can extend the imaging period if compatible with the project requirements
  • replacement time cannot displace other scheduled observations that have no alternative date in the timeframe
  • once allocated, a replacement slot will take the status of a normal observation and may still be displaced by another request

Data Storage

As a policy, data taken or produced with CSIRO Space & Astronomy facilities are stored in data archive systems on an indefinite basis and are made openly available for multiple re-use.

Data Licence

The Data Licence is indefinite subject to the User complying with the terms of the End User Licence Agreement.

Publications and Acknowledgements

Results from studies using NovaSAR-1 data should be made publicly available as soon as possible via an appropriate international service.

Users who obtain NovaSAR-1 data must acknowledge the CSIRO and Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), who own and operate the NovaSAR-1 satellite, in any publications.

The following text should be used:

© SSTL 2023 [or another year of production] NovaSAR-1™ Level 1 Data 

The Data used to produce this [insert name of report/product/service as appropriate] was generated by the NovaSAR-1™ satellite owned and operated by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited and provided by CSIRO as an authorised licensor of the SSTL Data 

Please email with the details of any publications that include NovaSAR-1 data obtained via the CCEO.


For projects that are allocated new satellite imaging tasking, a report on the project must be submitted via the NovaSAR-1 Project Submission Report upon project completion.