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Monitoring the Pulse of Earth

Data about Earth, collected by hundreds of Earth-observing satellites orbiting the planet, is critical to understanding our weather and how our world works.



We are CSIRO’s hub for our national and international Earth observation (EO) activities. Part of CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science, the Centre supports CSIRO in applications research for EO data, brokers access to EO data from new sensors and facilitates underpinning EO activities by over 80 scientists across CSIRO. The Centre actively engages with International partners, Australian businesses, fellow government agencies and research organisations.

We are a member of the inter-agency Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) and an Australian delegation member to the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observation (GEO). The CCEO will work closely with Australian government partners to host the 2019 GEO Ministerial Summit.

From left to right: Dr Alex Held (Centre Director), Dr Larry Marshall (CSIRO CEO) and Dr Megan Clark (Australian Space Agency Head) with a 1:10 scale model of NovaSAR, Jennifer Zhu (Centre Coordination and Communications) with the Space Roadmap

The Centre for Earth Observation’s key priorities include:

  • Support of Earth observation science and data analytics across CSIRO
  • Represent CSIRO’s Earth observation community internationally
  • Build partnerships with the Earth observation industry and government agencies
  • Manage Australia’s access to the NovaSAR-1 research facility, including satellite tasking, data downlink and distribution.
  • Conduct research into new satellite sensor and on-board processing technologies and ongoing satellite calibration and validation activities

CSIRO has been working in the space sector for 75 years, with a long history in space research (explore the timeline from the 1940s to now); both looking into outer space and observing Earth.

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