NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

CSIRO has purchased a 10% share of time on the satellite NovaSAR-1, which is owned and operated by UK company Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL).

Under the terms of the agreement, CSIRO is licensed to coordinate the acquisition and delivery of NovaSAR-1 data, and to use and share the data for our own research purposes, and those of our partners and collaborators.

The CSIRO Centre for Earth Observation is operating NovaSAR-1 as a natural extension of our role in running National Facilities for the Australian research community.

2. End User Licence Agreement

The End User Licence Agreement (EULA) details the conditions of use of NovaSAR-1 data distributed by CSIRO. By registering as a user of the NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub you are deemed to have accepted the terms of this EULA so please read before registering. The EULA was updated in March 2024 to include the addition of the NovaSAR-1 ARD products.

3. User registration

To access NovaSAR-1 data at the NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub, individuals and entities need to register as a user and provide information to CSIRO. Through the registration, the user will be granted a password to access NovaSAR-1 data. Verification will take place to ensure sanctions controls are adhered to. Once verified the user account will be activated and you will receive an email.

4. Data supply

The NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub is a CSIRO online portal, which makes NovaSAR-1 data available to individuals and entities worldwide. The portal allows the search and download of NovaSAR-1 data acquired by CSIRO.

Users can request specific tasking of new NovaSAR-1 data using our image request form.

5. Copyrights

Any NovaSAR-1 data made available through the NovaSAR-1 National Facility is governed by the End User Licence Agreement.

Any other contents of CSIRO’s NovaSAR-1 websites are intended for non-commercial use. CSIRO grants users permission to visit, download and copy information, images, documents and materials from these websites for non-commercial use. CSIRO does not grant the right to resell or redistribute any information, documents, images or material from its websites or to compile or create derivative works from material on its websites. All material published on the CSIRO NovaSAR-1 websites is protected by copyright and owned or controlled by CSIRO or the party credited as the provider of the content, software or other material.

Results from studies using NovaSAR-1 data should be made publicly available as soon as possible.

Users who obtain NovaSAR-1 data via CSIRO must acknowledge the CSIRO and Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), who own and operate the NovaSAR-1 satellite. They must ensure that there is prominently displayed in or adjacent to any products or services developed by the Licensee derived from the Data, on any internet display or in any print publications or papers relating to the Licensee’s use of the Data, a proprietary/copyright notice in the following formats:

“© SSTL 2024 (or year of production) NovaSAR-1™ Level 1 Data.

The SSTL Data used to produce this [insert name of report/product/service as appropriate] was generated by the NovaSAR-1™ satellite (owned and operated by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited) and provided to the licensee by CSIRO as an authorised licensor of the SSTL Data”

AND/OR and (where ARD is used):

“© CSIRO 2024 (or year of production) NovaSAR-1™ Analysis Ready Data (ARD).

The ARD used to produce this [insert name of report/product/service as appropriate] was generated using proprietary software tools developed by CSIRO to enable the SSTL Data generated by the NovaSAR-1™ satellite (which is owned and operated by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited) provided by CSIRO to the licensee as an authorised licensor of the SSTL Data”

Please email with the details of any publications that include NovaSAR-1 data obtained via the CCEO.

6. Privacy Policy

When the user accesses CSIRO’s NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub, registers as a user or downloads content, certain information about users, such as internet protocol (IP) addresses, data downloaded, pages visited, software used and time spent, as well as other similar information, will be stored on CSIRO servers.

As the operator of the NovaSAR-1 National Facility (NNF), CSIRO collects and stores your personal information for the administration of NNF services to support your research.  For operational, security and compliance reasons, CSIRO must have up-to-date contact details for all active users.

CSIRO stores your personal information on CSIRO resources controlled by CSIRO.  Personal information may be stored overseas where necessary for the operation of the NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub.

CSIRO may use information about your project for the marketing of the NNF and reporting.  CSIRO may provide de-identified aggregated data to Government and other funding bodies.

If you would like further information, including how to access, complain or request an amendment of your personal information, contact the NovaSAR-1 Information by emailing  CSIRO is committed to your privacy and will use your personal information only in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including in accordance with this privacy statement.  Please refer to CSIRO’s privacy policy for further information.

7. Use of cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual hard drive for record-keeping purposes; passwords are not saved in cookies. Cookies help CSIRO to know which pages are visited most often and helps CSIRO to ensure that its website responds to users’ needs.

If you do not wish to receive a cookie, or if you wish your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, you may use the option on your web browser to disable cookies. Click on the ‘help’ section of your browser to learn how to change cookie preferences. However, please note that if you disable all cookies you may not be able to take advantage of all the features available on this website.

CSIRO does not use personal identification details transferred through cookies either for promotion or marketing purposes, nor will such information be shared with a third party.

8. Availability of the Service

CSIRO will make the best efforts to provide ongoing access to NovaSAR-1 data through the NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub. It is understood and recognised by all individuals and entities having accepted these Terms, that CSIRO is not in a position to guarantee the availability of NovaSAR-1 data through the NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub.

In particular, CSIRO reserves the right to review, modify, suspend or terminate the provision of NovaSAR-1 data through the NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub at any time in the event:

  • of technical capacity constraints due to the number of user requests
  • of lack of sufficient funding for sustaining the NovaSAR-1 National Facility
  • that satellite or ground system failure occurs
  • that planned activities of related NovaSAR-1 systems and facilities are suspended or cancelled in order for CSIRO to carry out activities considered of a higher priority.

The operating entity, SSTL, may modify the NovaSAR-1 operations plan at any time, should it consider such corrective action necessary for ensuring the mission’s safety and success.

9. Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by law, CSIRO is not liable to the Licensee, or to any third party to whom the Licensee provides products or services, for any loss, damages, liability or expense arising out of or in connection with:
(a) the Licensee’s use of the Data (b) any inability or delay on the part of CSIRO in providing the Data (c) an error, omission or other defects in the Data (d) any products or services produced by the Licensee based on the Data.

10. Use of the CSIRO NovaSAR-1 National Facility Datahub

By registering, accessing and/or downloading available NovaSAR-1 data, the user shall act in good faith and shall not misuse or interfere with the service of the portals.