CSIRO’s investment in a new national research facility for earth observation research and applications


CSIRO is operating Australia’s share in the NovaSAR-1 mission as a National Facility for research. This is a natural extension of our long-standing history of running other National Facilities, such as the Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF). Access to NovaSAR-1 data is for the benefit of the nation and free to researchers from institutions all over the world, with tasking of new images allocated on a merit basis.

The NovaSAR-1 national facility enables new remote sensing research, supports training on satellite tasking and operations, and enhances the development of Australia’s Earth Observation and Big Data analytics expertise. These new opportunities hold potential for building stronger partnerships between government, universities and the wider space industry in Australia.

Live Tracking

Do you want to know where NovaSAR-1 is overhead at this very moment? Click the image below to be taken to N2YO – Live Real Time Satellite Tracking and Prediction.

N2YO Live Real Time Satellite Tracking and Prediction

N2YO – Live Real Time Satellite Tracking and Prediction