A new National Facility for Earth observation research and applications

The CSIRO is operating Australia’s 10% capacity share in the NovaSAR-1 satellite mission as a National Facility for research. This is a natural extension of our long-standing history of running other National Facilities, such as the Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF). Access to NovaSAR-1 data is free to researchers from institutions across the globe (note that to comply with Export and Sanctions regulations we are unable to distribute NovaSAR-1 data to all countries). Tasking of new images is available to projects with links to Australian research and industry, with satellite imaging time allocated on a merit basis.

The NovaSAR-1 National Facility enables new remote sensing research, supports training on satellite tasking and operations and enhances the development of Australia’s Earth observation and analytics expertise.

See our introductory video below, for more information on NovaSAR-1 please visit our About NovaSAR-1 Page

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