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Final Reports:

  • Babcock R, Donovan A, Collin S and Ochieng‐Erftemeijer C (2017). Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership – Final Report – Volume 1 (Part 1: Overview & Part II: Environmental Pressures). CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere, Published Brisbane.
  • Babcock R, Donovan A, Collin S and Ochieng‐Erftemeijer C (2017). Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership – Final Report – Volume 2 (Part III: Coral Reef Health). CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere, Published Brisbane.
  • Babcock R, Donovan A, Collin S and Ochieng‐Erftemeijer C (2017). Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership – Final Report – Volume 3 (Part IV: Fish & Sharks). CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere, Published Brisbane.
  • Pitcher CR, Miller M, Morello E, Fry G, Strzelecki J, McLeod I, Slawinski D, Ellis N, Thomson D, Bearham D,  Keesing J, Donovan A, Mortimer N, Babcock R, Fromont J, Gomez O, Hosie A, Hara A, Moore G, Morrison S, Kirkendale L, Whisson C, Richards Z, Bryce M, Marsh L, Naughton K, O’Loughlin M, O’Hara T,  Boddington D, Huisman J (2016) Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership – Environmental Pressures: Regional Biodiversity — Environmental pressures: regional biodiversity – Pilbara Seabed Biodiversity Mapping & Characterisation. Final report, CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere, Published Brisbane, March 2016, 62 pages

Two-page summaries:





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