This project is to develop a novel data-sharing platform for the air cargo industry to solve the problems of information islands. The platform will provide business insights and decision support tools to help airlines, airports and forwarders to better use their resources.

This project aims to combine advanced materials and additive manufacturing to develop high-performance space rover wheels for next generation explorations.

Researchers at Fast Carbon have developed a composite manufacturing method for rapidly produced hollow structures using deliberate warpage.

We combine a blockchain solution with novel access control and revocation techniques to empower users with control of their own data, while supporting secure data sharing across multiple organisations.

CSIRO, in collaboration with Griffith University, are developing metal-hydride (MH) based H2 compression technologies. The project aims to design, build, and demonstrate a MH compressor able to compress H2 from 10 to 350 bar.

WhalePOD is a technology to enable a new age of industrialisation where environmental conservation and scientific contribution is an outcome of business, not a burden.

CSIRO Data61's Cognitag empowers visionaries to create the next generation of smart, fast, and secure IoT solutions for the world’s future industries.

We developed a strategy to protect the microbiota (e.g., human gut) from antimicrobial resistance (AMR) invasion.

Ergomechanic is a system that measures how your body moves and is loaded during work, sports, or lifestyle activities.