Prime 12

ON Prime 12 teams commenced in the program in October 2022 and concluded it in early 2023.

We are a team of clinical psychologists and researchers in the field of eating behaviours.

Our idea is to make the early detection of neurological disorders possible through a blood test.

Imagine being able to enter the parameters and grow your component like you heat up your frozen meal.

The number of patients diagnosed with cancer spreading to the brain is unfortunately increasing. Treatment is made harder due to the small number of drugs that cross into the brain.

mRNA is emerging as a powerful new tool of therapy and biotechnology across a wide range of sectors.

The composting of food waste provides a cleaner alternative to landfilling by recycling nutrients as a soil amendment and introducing stable carbon into soil. We aim to make composting easier and quicker. being able to simply dump your food waste into a machine and get your compost within 24 hours, without any trouble.

CONSULT is an advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) processing and presenting software that will allow clinicians to identify key white matter pathways.

Small-diameter tunnels are commonly constructed by jacking concrete pipes using a tunnel boring machine and hydraulic jacks.

TRAPS is a platform that facilitates tracking of the pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain.

Critterpedia combines technology and nature, encouraging people to use their devices to interact with their environment.