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2018 Ningaloo Outlook Symposium

2018 Ningaloo Outlook Symposium

The third Ningaloo Outlook Symposium was held on the afternoon of the 1st March 2018 at the IOMRC facility located at the University of Western Australia, WA.

The purpose of this symposium was to bring together interested persons from BHP, CSIRO, marine park managers, the scientific community and interested stakeholders to present research findings from the Ningaloo Outlook partnership in an open and inclusive forum. We were particularly fortunate to have Dr Beth Fulton from CSIRO as our key note speaker and special guest speakers from Exmouth School and St Mary’s Anglican Girl’s School.

Presentations provided on the day can be accessed below (and audio files)  – just click the links:

  • Supporting the blue economy – the key role of diverse collaborations – Key Note Speech – Beth Fulton – presentation (audio)
  • Building knowledge on extent and character of the deep reefs – results from 2017 – Theme 1 – Deep Reefs – Russ Babcock – presentation (audio)
  • Mesophotic reefs – a journey of discovery at Ningaloo – Theme 1 – Deep Reefs – Joe Turner – video
  • Fish and coral assemblages at Northern Ningaloo – an assessment of 2017- Theme 2 – Shallow Reefs – Damian Thompson – presentation (audio)
  • Investigations of a chronic and an acute stressor at Ningaloo Reef – Theme 2 – Shallow Reefs –Anna Cresswell – presentation (audio)
  • Community outreach – building capacity and understanding – Community Outreach – Belinda Foxpresentation (audio)
  • Science Engagement and Exmouth School – a teacher’s perspective – Community Outreach – Sue Bedford – presentation (audio)
  • Learning through doing – marine science – a student’s perspective Community Outreach – Zoe Starkey – presentation (audio)
  • Taking Ningaloo to the world stage –  United Nations Ocean Conference 2017 – Community Outreach – Paris Menner – presentation (audio)
  • Understanding the ecology of Ningaloo’s sea turtles – Theme 3 – Tagging and Tracking – Mat Vanderklift – presentation (audio)
  • Summary of Lemon Shark and Whale Shark movement and habitat use within and adjacent to Ningaloo Marine Park – Theme 3 – Tagging and Tracking – Richard Pillans – presentation (audio)
  • What can drones tell us about turtles? – Theme 3 – Tagging and Tracking – Nick Mortimer – presentation (audio)
  • Foraging ecology and energetics of green turtles at Ningaloo – Theme 3 – Tagging and Tracking – Jessica Stubbs – presentation (audio)