2019 Ningaloo Outlook Symposium

2019 Ningaloo Outlook Symposium

The fourth Ningaloo Outlook Symposium was held on the afternoon of the 26th February 2019 at the IOMRC facility located at the University of Western Australia, WA.

The purpose of this symposium was to bring together interested persons from BHP, CSIRO, marine park managers, the scientific community and interested stakeholders to present research findings from the Ningaloo Outlook partnership in an open and inclusive forum.

Click here to see a copy of the full agenda

Presentations provided on the day can be accessed below (and audio files)  – just click the links below:

  • An Overview – The Ningaloo Outlook Partnership and BHP’s Sustainability Focus – Brian Starkeypresentation (audio)
  • From satellites to cells: ecology of green turtles at Ningaloo – Mat Vanderkliftpresentation (audio)
  • Whale shark movement and population status – summary of progress – Richard Pillanspresentation (audio)
  • Environmental effects of energetics on Ningaloo green turtles – PhD Update – Jess Stubbspresentation (audio)
  • Ningaloo, a holistic approach to monitoring ecosystem health – Damian Thomsonpresentation (audio)
  • Marine reserve assessments are sensitive to habitat, fishing activity and survey method: a 30-year meta-analysis​ from Ningaloo – PhD Update – Anna Cresswellpresentation (audio)
  • Developing our knowledge of the deep reefs of Ningaloo – Russ Babcockpresentation (audio)
  • Mesophotic reefs – a journey of discovery at Ningaloo – PhD Update – Joe Turnerpresentation (audio)
  • An overview of Ningaloo Outlook’s community outreach activities – Belinda Foxpresentation (audio)
  • Management and conservation of sea turtles in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area – Dani Robpresentation (audio)