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Ningaloo Outlook Symposium Outputs

Since the project commenced, two Ningaloo Outlook Symposium’s have been held in Perth. The purpose of these events are to bring together interested persons from BHP and CSIRO, conservation and natural resource managers, industry and the scientific community to present research findings from the Ningaloo Outlook partnership in an open and inclusive forum.

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  • Cresswell AK, Tildesley PC & Cresswell GR (2019) Synthetic Aperture Radar scenes of the North West Shelf, Western Australia, suggest this is an underutilised method to remotely study mass coral spawning. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia, 102: 45–51. In press.
  • Cresswell AK, Langlois TJ, Wilson SK, Claudet J, Thomson DP, Renton M, Fulton CJ, Fisher R, Vanderklift MA, Babcock RC, Stuart-Smith RD, Haywood MDE, Depczynski M, Westera Ml, Ayling AM, Fitzpatrick B, Halford AR, McLean DL, Pillans RD, Cheal AJ, Tinkler P, Edgar GJ, Graham NA, Harvey ES, Holmes TH (2019) Disentangling the response of fishes to recreational fishing over 30 years within a fringing coral reef reserve network. Biological Conservation. 237 (2019) 514-524.
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