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Earth Data Analytics

Earth observation analytics platform

The Earth observation (EO) analytics platform called “DataCube” emerged out of a partnership between  Geoscience Australia, the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) and CSIRO. Since 2017, several international partners (NASA, USGS, CEOS, UK Satellite Applications Catapult) have joined to develop what is now called the “OpenDataCube” (ODC) platform (See

The ODC makes comprehensive information about our Earth available as analysis ready data, and combines it with high-performance analytics infrastructure to support the new digital economy, and enabling downstream users, such as industry, to leverage it to create economic activity and employment. For CSIRO, membership of the ODC partnership now provides a common architecture and EO analytics platform that shifts individual investment, previously made further down the value chain, before investment and diversification to address specific markets.

Several trends are emerging in the geospatial information and analytics domain, including growth in the geospatial digital economy, new sensors, spatio-temporal scales, science and algorithms, and EO big data. In response to global challenges and emerging opportunities, CSIRO is developing a platform and development model concept called the Earth Analytics Science Innovation hub (EASI).

The EASI platform is a program designed to respond to the challenges and opportunities of a step change in the volume and velocity of EO data acquisition and analysis. EASI will provide high-performance EO analytics capability as a sustainable and risk-mitigating response to data volume and computational changes, able to support concurrent, large scale satellite data processing projects and associated geospatial information system. It supports Earth analytics innovation and has generated interested nationally and internationally.

Raijin, NCI’s peak high-performance computing system. ©National Computational Infrastructure