Earth Analytics Science and Innovation (EASI) platform

EASI (Earth Analytics and Science Innovation) is a new high-performance data analytics platform that ‘turbo-charges’ the capacity to process and integrate huge amounts of Earth Observation (EO) data with other geospatial information and models.

Through EASI, CSIRO aims to

  • Assist business growth in EO applications through innovation and partnerships
  • Equip and train government, industry and research in the use of EO data and analytics
  • Supply digital services from CSIRO science to local, regional and global end-users

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New sensors, spatio-temporal scales, science and algorithms

The challenge of collecting and assimilating geospatial and non-geospatial information requires the invention, adaption and use of new sensor technologies and methods for data integration and analysis. New methods must be capable of using both old and new observation types to deliver sensor-independent continuity.

Algal bloom monitoring web application demonstrator for EASI


The EASI Industry Hub model is designed to achieve significantly better entrepreneurial engagement, including SMEs, using CSIRO-generated IP, accelerating technology readiness and transfer.

Key to this approach is the use of a Science-as-a-Service platform that readily supports scalable and low start-up cost access. The hub aids industry engagement and impact by addressing key innovation challenges. Benefits include:

  • Data discovery and integration is simplified via appropriate shared data infrastructure – analysis ready data, in an EO Data Cube.
  • Customisable analysis workflow supports diverse SME models – ie. choose your data, your algorithm, your parameterisation.
  • ‘Paddock to Planet’ scalable data analysis and scenario outputs – via Cloud computing and automation you can explore the whole innovation landscape, to the limits of your time and expense budget.
  • Access to EO specialists and researchers in CSIRO who can assist SMEs and governments in developing new business products and ensuring their quality.
  • SMEs can participate at lower upfront cost – subscribing to access and ‘pay per use compute’, to prove out new market opportunities.
  • Removes costs of large-scale storage and compute infrastructure, data acquisition and data preparation ‘pain points’ for small companies.

CSIRO-prepared and QA/QC’d data and computation infrastructure is located in a combined Cloud environment that businesses can afford to access during their start-up phase when exploring new business models.

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Dr. Robert Woodcock,

Heritage of the EO Analytics Platform

EASI arises from an Australian innovation called the ‘Australian Geoscience Data Cube’, originally developed out of a partnership between CSIRO, Geoscience Australia and the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI).  Since 2017, several international partners (NASA, USGS, CEOS, UK’s Satellite Applications Catapult) have also joined the partnership, now called the Open Data Cube (ODC) platform (

Operating in Cloud environments, as well as high performance supercomputers, the ODC makes comprehensive information about our Earth available as analysis ready data and open infrastructure. This streamlines R&D to industry, supports the digital economy, and enables downstream users, such as industry, to leverage it to create economic activity and employment.