Keeping CSIRO’s SAR community connected – June 2020

Exactly one year after meeting in Canberra, CSIRO’s Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Community of Practice came together on 11 June for a 3-hour virtual workshop. Over 30 participants were treated to a selection of research talks ranging from oil spill detection to flood mapping, vegetation monitoring and groundwater management. Excitingly, these included first science results from NovaSAR-1! An update was also provided on NovaSAR-1 operations including: where and why imagery has been collected to date; how well we are doing in utilising our 10% capacity share in the mission; calibration/validation of imagery undertaken by colleagues at the Defence Science and Technology Group; and how data can be accessed now and in the future. All of this key information is being updated on the CCEO’s NovaSAR-1 webpages, so watch this space for more information over the coming months. Access to NovaSAR-1 imagery will be opened this quarter as NovaSAR-1 launches as a National Facility for research.

The CSIRO SAR Community of Practice continues to grow as more researchers begin to get curious about NovaSAR-1 and the open-access archive of Sentinel-1 imagery that has covered Australia since 2016. Future workshops will be advertised and open to the broader Australian Earth Observation community and we look forward to your inputs.

Coverage of NovaSAR-1 imagery tasked and acquired by CSIRO between October 2019 and June 2020