Chatting “Space Data” with KPMG Australia – June 2020

Throughout June the American Chamber of Commerce and KPMG Australia hosted a space-themed webinar series expanding upon KPMG’s recent “30 Voices on 2030: The Future of Space” report, which featured insights from CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall and the Australian Space Agency.

The most recent webinar covered all things “Space Data” and featured a diverse panel including: Amy Parker – CSIRO Centre for Earth Observation; Senior Vice President of Government Strategy & Policy at Inmarsat Government Inc., Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch; CEO of Analytical Space, Daniel Nevius; and CEO of MDA, Mike Greenley.

Covering the technologies, governance and role of Australian industry in realising the potential of Space Data, this was a wide-reaching conversation attended by over 100 global participants. If you missed it the recording is available to watch online or view as an impressive infographic created by the KPMG ARTiculators. The webinar has been discussed and shared broadly online and has sparked further awareness of CSIRO’s “Space Data” activities from onboard processing to optical comms, EO cal/val and EO data analytics.


The webinar panel (extract from KPMG ARTiculators infographic)