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Research Director, Livestock and Aquaculture
  • PhD in immunology, and interests in aquatic animal health, including disease processes, immunology, diagnostics and treatment. Passionate about applying cutting edge science to address the challenges in improving Livestock Aquaculture Productivity and Sustainability.
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Research Group Leader, Nutrition & Production Systems
  • Cedric, Senior Research Scientist, has broad research interests, including the digestive physiology and nutritional requirements of crustaceans, fish and molluscs, the non-invasive assessment of nutritional and health condition using novel tools, feed additives, feed extrusion, and sustainable aquafeed ingredients and formulation. He holds a PhD in Marine Science from the University of Auckland and a BSc in Aquaculture from James Cook University.
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Research Group Leader, Sustainability and Welfare
  • Sonja is a quantitative geneticist and has broad knowledge across a range of trait complexes, such as health, reproduction, methane emission and production, and across livestock and aquaculture species. Her group is well networked into the supply chain and sustainability initiatives across CSIRO and externally with international recognition in the group’s science areas.
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Research Group Leader, Animal Health & Resilience
  • Aaron has a longstanding commitment to research projects that aim to improve animal health and understand the mechanisms of resistance to disease. Aaron’s research has delivered vaccines, immune stimulants, remote monitoring technologies and the immune competence trait.
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Research Group Leader, Breeding Genomics
  • Toni’s primary research vision is built on capitalising on the post-genomics ‘Big Data’ revolution that is in the process of sweeping the agricultural sciences and looks set to continue. It is vital that both molecular and quantitative scientists continue to develop innovative analytical methods and capabilities in this area. It is already clear that generating genomic, transcriptomic, epigenetic and metabolomics data is becoming more routine and, according to Toni’s believes, fundamental to revolutionising how we may predict and manage animal performance in both health and disease as we collectively look to the future.
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Research Director, Future Protein
  • PhD in bioanalytical mass spectrometry. Michelle uses mass spectrometry (MS) and proteomics to help identify key proteins that will benefit Australia's livestock, aquaculture and plant industries and improve human health. She is leading the Future Protein mission which aims to catalyse Australia’s protein industry growth by delivering high quality, affordable and sustainable protein for the health of Australians and our environment.
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