john mcculloch

Research Engineer, CyberPhysical Data

  • John is a research engineer currently working across a number of projects in the agriculture and aquaculture space. In particular his focus is on bringing IoT to those sectors with experience in linking LPWWAN based marine and terrestrial environmental sensing to machine learning to deliver predictive analytics.
    He leads CSIRO’s mollusc biosensor work and is leading the Aquaculture prawn/shrimp project as part of the Digiscape Future Science Platform program. He also plays a key role in CSIRO’s development of smart ear-tags for cattle.

chloe english

Dr Chloe English

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Queensland

  • Currently working in thermal stress and the immune response at the University of Queensland. Interested in aquatic animal health and applying novel molecular biology techniques to help shift aquaculture towards a more sustainable supply of seafood.
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