Smart Sustainable Livestock Systems

Principal Research Scientist, Digital Livestock

  • Aaron has a longstanding commitment to research projects that aim to improve animal health and understand the mechanisms of resistance to disease. Aaron’s research has delivered vaccines, immune stimulants, remote monitoring technologies and the immune competence trait.
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Team Leader, Northern Cattle Production

  • Stuart is the principal microbial/molecular biologist within the gut microbiology group. His team progresses research to greater understand complex microbial gut systems as they pertain to livestock production and human health. Their research is focused on microbial food safety, enhancing fungal populations, rumen detoxification, methane abatement strategies, improved feed conversion and a better understanding of human gut microbiology.

Keren Byrne

Research Projects Officer, Applied Proteomics

  • Keren Byrne is a Research Project Officer in the Molecular Analysis team within CSIRO Agriculture and Food. Keren has a substantive background in functional genomics, gene expression and epigenetics, as well as extensive expertise in proteomics, mass spectrometry (MS) and bioinformatics. Together with her colleagues Keren is using proteomics, and the study of proteins using MS, to identify key proteins of benefit to Australia's plant and livestock industries and improve human health.