“We have been pleased to receive and learn from CSIRO’s practice of professional and effective work management. Our own operations improved as the result of collaborating with CSIRO team in multiple projects. To name a few: regular check-ups and supportive Q&A, periodic reviews, accurate, concise  and effective communication, whether verbal or written. We have many ongoing collaborative projects with CSIRO, of which the selective breeding project have produced real results, proven to be effective with significant impact on our future business. We are very pleased with the results so far and hope for similar or better outcome for our ongoing projects. We are delighted that CSIRO team has been more than supportive to meet our needs, which sometimes could come with very short notice. It is much appreciated that the team has been accommodating and finding ways to assist us in many areas, inside and outside of the agreed scope of collaboration.”


“The CSIRO team and organization as a whole has displayed an unwavering commitment to professionalism and integrity of science in all their dealings. From the very start of our projects, it was very clear that we were in the right place. The Tasmania and Bribie Island teams were hospitable and accommodating during site visits and have always made meetings regarding findings and progress an efficient and enjoyable experience. We look forward to our current and future research projects and highly recommend trusting your most sensitive and challenging projects to the extremely talented professionals of this enduring institution.”

“Ridley has found the science skill base in the CSIRO Aquaculture group, and the practical application of this for Ridley, combined with associated industry support, to be first class. Ridley has been very happy with the collaborations it has and continues to have with CSIRO. We have also found that the commercial negotiation, legal and agreement processes to be very logical, precise and commercial. I have been pleasantly surprised with the commercial and legal side of our major dealings with CSIRO – humanising what could otherwise be a very frustrating and bureaucratic process for commercial companies like Ridley.”


“The people we have dealt with share the same goals and aspirations as ourselves. They have been nothing short of sensational to work with. Our domestication program would not be where it is today and indeed nor would the Australian prawn farming industry.”



“Professional approach, sound scientific credentials and value for money.”



Please refer to CSIRO’s Annual Reports for more examples of CSIRO Aquaculture’s industry impact.