Future Breeding

Senior Principal Research Scientist, Animal Genomics

  • Toni’s primary research vision is built on capitalising on the post-genomics ‘Big Data’ revolution that is in the process of sweeping the agricultural sciences and looks set to continue. It is vital that both molecular and quantitative scientists continue to develop innovative analytical methods and capabilities in this area. It is already clear that generating genomic, transcriptomic, epigenetic and metabolomics data is becoming more routine and, according to Toni’s believes, fundamental to revolutionising how we may predict and manage animal performance in both health and disease as we collectively look to the future.

Team Leader, Aquaculture Applied Breeding

  • Curtis has a broad experience in the development and implementation of aquaculture selective breeding programs in domestic and international settings. He leads a team having strong expertise in quantitative genetics, breeding program design and data management. Curtis holds a PhD in Aquaculture genetics.
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Senior Research Scientist, Aquaculture Biologist

  • PhD in applied breeding of crustaceans. Main research interests are crustacean reproduction and developing practical approaches to selective breeding of marine prawns. Committed to developing practical breeding solutions for the aquaculture industry.
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Dr Andrew Foote

Research Scientist, Aquaculture Applied Breeding

  • Focus on prawn biology and is motivated by the deployment of ambitious, innovative science and technology in an applied breeding context

Team Leader, Aquaculture Biology

  • Simon is an experimental scientist whose research focuses on sustainable aquaculture production. His research encompasses tropical and temperate species cultured in Australia and Asia. His research focuses on understanding animal nutrition and the development of novel ingredients. He currently leads the Ridley CRA which focuses on the development of the sustainable aquafeeds for Atlantic salmon, Barramundi and Tiger prawns. Simon is the site Leader for CSIRO at the Bribie Island Research Centre (BIRC), the first dedicated multi-functional aquaculture research facility to be built in Australia. The Centre plays a significant role in technological development and extension to the aquaculture industry in tropical and subtropical Queensland. Simon is a supervisor and mentor in CSIRO’s Indigenous engagement program.

Research Technician, Aquaculture Biology

  • Specialist in prawn/shrimp husbandry and aquaculture economics. Key interests in prawn/shrimp high intensity nursery and grow out production system as well as economic analyses, modelling and optimisation of production system. Passionate about sustainable food production.
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