Health and Resilience

Team Leader, Senior Experimental Scientist, Aquatic Health

  • Application of genomics and phenomics to advancing the aquaculture industry. Passionate about abalone biology, reproduction and genomics in selective breeding. Dedicated to the improvement of aquatic animal health and discovery of new treatments for disease in high intensity aquaculture systems.
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richard taylor

Senior Experimental Scientist, Aquatic Health

  • Following over two decades as a salmon farm health manager in Tasmania and Ireland, Richard joined CSIRO in 2005 and completed a PhD in genetic selection of Atlantic salmon for resistance to Amoebic Gill Disease. As part of CSIRO’s Aquaculture Health team, he is committed to developing applied and practical fish health management solutions, advancing knowledge on adverse seasonal impacts to farmed fish and in large-scale phenotyping in support of breeding programs.

Experimental Scientist, Aquatic Health

  • I have a PhD in fish physiology and experience researching crustacean biology, reproduction and behaviour. I am interested in understanding the performance of aquaculture species through their physiological responses to the environment, disease and husbandry practices.
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Dr Joel Slinger

Research Scientist, Aquatic Health

  • Experimental Scientist with a PhD in fish disease and microbial interactions. He has extensive experience in aquatic animal health, biology, and recirculating aquaculture systems. His research focuses on pathology of salmonid diseases, fish husbandry and system design, integrated aquaculture techniques, and emerging aquaculture species development.