Dr Klara Verbyla

Statistical Geneticist & Genomicist, Alumni

  • PhD in methods for genomic selection. Interest in the integration of genomics (and other ‘omics data types) into breeding programs through the development and implementation of innovative, bespoke and practical genomics, analytics and informatics platforms.

Dr Francisca Samsing

Research Scientist, Aquatic Health

  • I am a fully qualified veterinarian and aquaculture scientist who has worked in a diverse range of areas related to diseases that affect farmed salmon, including marine epidemiology and host-pathogen interactions. I am interested in the dynamics of disease transmission, and I use different techniques, including disease modelling and bioinformatics, to improve our understanding of the mechanisms that drive the occurrence of disease.
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Dr Amin Esmail

Postdoctoral Fellow, Alumni

  • PhD in Marine Science from James Cook University, focused on using next-gen sequencing to study the molecular basis of coral-algal symbioses. Currently interested in utilizing genomics to address key challenges in salmon Aquaculture including sexual maturation and amoebic gill disease (AGD).
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Cheryl Tan

Research Technician, Alumni

  • Provision of molecular laboratory support as part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Hub (ITRH) for Advanced Prawn Breeding. Other roles include accurate measurement of genetic and biochemical changes that occur in prawns across large numbers of families.
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Daniela Farias Aqueveque

Research Technician, Alumni

  • Daniela’s works has been dedicated to different aspects of the Aquaculture. Her PhD assessed biological and physiological responses of macroalgae to evaluate human impacts in coastal and estuarine environments to improve managements.
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Team Leader, Research Scientist, Applied Proteomics

  • James holds a PhD in biochemistry and has strengths in analytical chemistry, data science and bioinformatics. He works to improve food sustainability and safety using proteomics and protein quantification.
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Team Leader, Research Scientist, Molecular Nutrition

  • PhD in molecular biology and passionate about discovering the functional molecular responses to nutrition and feeding, known as nutrigenomics, and the development of novel phenotypic traits for aquaculture breeding programs. He also leads projects on dietary pigment inclusion, uptake and deposition in salmon and prawns to optimise product quality.