Dr Gavin Rees

Senior Principle Research Scientist

Gavin is a microbial ecologist who specialises in river and wetland ecology


Dr Gavin Rees trained as a microbiologist and is a principal research scientist with CSIRO. For the last 23 years, he has worked on understanding the many roles microbes play in rivers and wetlands. A key aspect of his work has been to examine the interactions between organisms and water quality, particularly carbon and nutrients, and the role of oxygen (or absence of oxygen) in either driving, or responding to carbon and nutrient processes. His work has extended to more broad examination on how flow affects biological processes in rivers, from biogeochemical processses to higher organisms and food webs. His projects range from targeted flow studies to improve water quality in the Broken Creek, through to monitoring and evaluation of the Murray River response to environmental flows. His work has also examined how biota respond to low flow conditions on both floodplains and in rivers. Gavin has also played a major part in developing and applying molecular DNA technologies to examine biological community patterns. This work has included diversity of plant communities on floodplains, organisms in river waters and biofilms, through to dietary analysis of fish.

Recent Publications: