Dr Paul McInerney

Research Scientist

Paul is a freshwater ecologist with a focus on food webs and ecosystem ecology


Dr Paul McInerney is a Research Scientist in CSIRO Land and Water, working within the Modelling Water Ecosystems team. He has over 15 years of experience in research and consultancy on freshwater ecosystem ecology in Australia and abroad. In recent years Paul has focussed on improving our understanding of trophic dynamics in aquatic food webs and quantifying energy flux and transfer between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in response to abiotic drivers, such as hydrology. Paul is interested in the responses of basal resources (algae, detritus, bacteria) to altered ecosystem conditions and how such changes can influence their quality and quantity, and ultimately, how such modification may contribute to consumer biomass (aquatic invertebrate and vertebrate animals). Paul is experienced in field based research programs, both within the MDB and overseas, and is involved in a number of large–scale basin–wide research programs.

General research areas:

  • animal ecology
  • nutritional ecology and fatty acid integration by consumers
  • food quality
  • food webs
  • ecosystem ecology
  • primary and secondary production

Recent Publications: