Dr Paul McInerney

Dr Paul McInerney

Senior Research Scientist

Paul is a freshwater ecologist with a focus on food webs and ecosystem ecology


Dr Paul McInerney is a Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO Environment and is the leader of the Aquatic Ecology team. Dr McInerney has broad experience in freshwater ecosystem ecology across Australia and internationally. In recent years, Dr McInerney has directed his focus towards enhancing our comprehension of trophic dynamics in aquatic food webs and quantifying energy flux and transfer between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in response to abiotic drivers. Dr McInerney’s particular interest lies in understanding the responses of basal food resources to altered ecosystem conditions, exploring how such changes influence their quality and quantity. His research explores how these modifications may ultimately contribute to animal biomass, encompassing aquatic invertebrate and vertebrate animals. With a strong background in applied research programs, both within the MDB and overseas, Dr McInerney is actively engaged in several large-scale basin-wide research initiatives.

General research areas:

  • Animal ecology
  • Nutritional ecology and fatty acid integration by animals
  • Food quality
  • Food webs
  • Ecosystem ecology

Recent Publications

Dynamic habitat modelling for water-dependent species in the Murray-Darling Basin

K Mokany, D Peel, R Ponce Reyes, SD Foster, DS Stratford, HM McGinness, BP Zampatti, S Nicol, AC Freebairn, PJ McInerney, A Sengupta (March, 2024)


Resilience and adaptive cycles in water-dependent ecosytems: Can panarchy explain trajectories of change among floodplain trees?

TM Doody, PJ McInerney, MC Thoms, S Gao (January, 2024)


Can you see the algae for the slime? Temporal patterns of biofilm food quality and quantity in lowland rivers

PJ McInerney, ME Shackleton, L McPhan, A Holland, GN Rees (October, 2023)


A synthesis of floodplain aquatic ecosystem metabolism and carbon flux using causal criteria analysis

PJ McInerney, DP Giling, B Wolfenden, A Sengupta (January, 2021)


Dietary fatty acid profiles shape crayfish biosynthesis and performance: Implications for riverine food webs

PJ McInerney, RJ Stoffels, ME Shackleton, CD Davey, J Albert, GN Rees (March, 2022)