Dr Klaus Joehnk

Senior Principle Research Scientist

Klaus is combining in-situ monitoring with hydrodynamic modelling and remote sensing data to better manage water quality in inland waters.


Dr Klaus Joehnk is a Principal Research Scientist in CSIRO Land and Water leading the Modelling Water Ecosystems team. He has over 20 years of experience in research and consultancy on hydrodynamic and water quality modelling of lakes and rivers in Europe and Australia. During the last years he has been leading projects on combining hydrodynamic and water quality modelling with satellite remote sensing of inland waters with a goal of operational short-term forecasting of harmful algal blooms. Further areas of research are modelling of low dissolved oxygen – blackwater – events in river systems for risk reduction of hypoxia and fish kills, large scale modelling of hydrological and thermal conditions in river systems to support a release strategy of carp herpesvirus for pest reduction, and in general utilizing modelling tools in combination with remote sensing to better manage water dependent ecosystems. In 2020 he led a scientific investigation on water quality responses and mitigation options for post 2019/20 bushfire floods in south east Australia.

General research areas::

  • Remote sensing and forecasting tools for water quality
  • Continental scale modelling of aquatic systems
  • Dynamics of cyanobacteria blooms
  • Climate change impact on stratification of lakes
  • Mine pit lakes
  • Nonlinear time series analysis in ecology (chaos)

Recent Publications: